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NEW! iReverseSpeechTM App


Just Released, January 18, 2014, the NEW iReverseSpeech app is an iPhone (and soon to be iPad) application that has been designed to record and analyze audio in order to find hidden messages. It is packed with an impressive array of features that allow you to record, find, save and share your discoveries.

For more information and instructions on how to download and purchase the new app, visit our new application website here:

NEW! Reverse SpeechTM METAWALK Series

Reverse Speech Metawalk Bundle

14 individual generic Metawalks taking you through the major metaphors of the unconscious mind, enhancing your natural abilities and clearing away sabotages to mental, emotional, and financial health - available online only

Online Special Price .............................................................................................................................. $99.00


Available online only. You will be emailed your link within 24 hours.

RS Pro 4.0 - Professional Reverse SpeechTM Software

Note: Windows PC Support Only - Apple Mac Unsupported.

Reverse Speech Pro 4.0
  • Automatic forward/reverse button
  • Variable playback speeds
  • Automatic dumping
  • Transcript prep
  • Plus MUCH more

Click here to visit the Reverse Speech Pro dedicated website!

Reverse SpeechTM Home Hobbyist Course

A comprehensive six hour home study course that covers the basics of Reverse SpeechTM
Includes 6 Audio CDs and Training Manual

  • The history of Reverse SpeechTM
  • Reverse SpeechTM Theory
  • How to recognise a genuine speech reversal
  • Finding your own reversals
  • Using recording equipment for Reverse SpeechTM
  • Reverse SpeechTM in Children
  • Reverse SpeechTM in music
  • The levels of Reverse SpeechTM
  • A basic trance session
  • Reverse SpeechTM check points
  • Metaphors and Metaphor Restructuring
  • Plus MUCH more

Download version: .................................................................................................................................. $195.00

Download links will be emailed within 24 hours

Reverse SpeechTM Home Hobbyist Course Bundled
With Reverse SpeechTM Professional Software

Purchase the Reverse SpeechTM Home Hobbyist Course with the Reverse SpeechTM Professional 2.6 Software for a bundled price of $350.00, a $24.95 SAVINGS, and receive a FREE copy of David's latest ebook, "Reverse SpeechTM - A New Theory about Language" - Download Versions Only

Download versions of the Home Hobbyist Course and Reverse Speech Pro software

Temporary Price Reduction!...................................................................................................................$295.00


Download links will be emailed within 24 hours


Reverse SpeechTM Training 2016 Special Deal for Australians - Live Online Professional Analyst Course


Summer 2016 Training Schedule

Training Starts Sunday, June the 19th, 2016 @ 9:00 PM to Midnight London time (GMT) 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM New York time (EST) - Sunday morning 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM Sydney Australia time (AEDT). 12 classes altogether are held every two (2) weeks for three (3) hours each class

This course is taught by David Oates so you have live interaction with the instructor via Skype. You will learn all you need to know to become a professional Reverse SpeechTM Analyst. No prerequisites, this course includes the Investigators Certificate and the Analyst Certificate upon completion.

Included in this Course:
  • 2 Reverse SpeechTM training manuals
  • The Reverse SpeechTM Metaphor Dictionary
  • How to use the Reverse Speech software
  • How to accurately document genuine speech reversals
  • How to determine what speech reversals mean
  • How to conduct conversations to get the greatest numbers of reversals
  • How the human mind creates behaviour and personality with metaphors
  • Regular progress reports
  • Full technical support
  • First year membership of the International Association of Reverse Speech Consultants, Ltd.
  • Certificates upon completion

You must be prepared to spend about 15 hours a week on study if you are to succeed in this course - course takes 6 months to complete with a 3 hour class every 2 weeks, 12 classes total.

NOTE: Reverse SpeechTM Professional Software is included in this training course.

Normally priced at $2550, this class is being offered for one time only with a $200 discount
Live Online Course Full Payment
.................................................. $2350.00 AUD


To sign up for this course email me at or call in the US 503-5687077, or in London call 0203 6081426, and Australia – 08 83824372


A New Theory About Language - By David John Oates

Have you heard the news?

I’ve just released my latest book - ‘A New Theory About
Language’ the 2015 edition!

And I have to say… I’m extremely proud of it

Over the last 30-years Reverse Speech has, as a result of constant
research and testing evolved and developed, often beyond my own
expectations, to become what it is today…

And in this book I reveal for the very first time, the results of my
latest research on the subject.

Research I haven’t shared before, that will advance Reverse Speech
and propel it toward my dream of it being embraced by the entire
scientific community…

A New Theory About Language by David john Oates





Paperback Version........... $29.95
Hardcover Version............ $59.95



You can read more about David's book or Purchase Here

Postage and Handling................. $15.00

It's Only A Metaphor - By David John Oates

Published in 1996 by David John Oates, this is an interesting autobiography and metaphoric journey, creation theories. 130,000 words. Available as an eBook only. Reverse Speech<sup>TM</sup> Book: Its Only A Metaphor by David John Oates



The digital version of this book will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Reverse SpeechTM: Voices From The Unconscious - By David John Oates

The definitive work on Reverse SpeechTM, published 1995 by David John Oates. This book is the textbook used for Reverse SpeechTM training. Case studies, theories, examples. Paperback with cassette audio tape of famous examples.




Price.....$19.95 + $10.00 S&H



This is a soft bound book and will be mailed to you the next business day with 7 to 10 days shipping time.

Reverse SpeechTM: Hidden Messages in Human Communication - By David John Oates

Hidden Messages in Human Communication was published in 1991 - it covers basic theories, giving examples and case studies - it is beautifully presented in a hardback cover and is a must addition in any avid researchers library.



Price.....$29.95 + $10.00 S&H



This is a hard bound book and will be mailed to you the next business day with 7 to 10 days shipping time.

Beyond Backward Masking - By David John Oates

The first book ever published on Reverse SpeechTM in 1987 by David Oates and Greg Albrecht. Available as an eBook only.






The digital version of this book will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Reverse SpeechTM Metaphor Dictionary - By David John Oates

A must have for any serious or casual researcher of Reverse SpeechTM. Contains definitions for 100s of Reverse Speech metaphors derived from 30 years of research. Latest version 2012 by David John Oates. Available as an eBook only.






The digital version of this book will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

The Insiders - We Know What You're Thinking and The Truth Will Be Told - By Kathleen L. Hawkins

Bestselling author and Reverse Speech student Kathleen L. Hawkins just had her first novel THE INSIDERS published. It’s the first in a series in which her characters use Reverse Speech to solve murder mysteries, discern hidden motives and agendas, and gain insights into human behavior.

Kathleen studied Reverse Speech for three years with David Oates. During that time she used reversal analysis on an actual recording of a police interrogation of a suspect who was later found guilty of murder. The suspect’s reversals revealed how he committed the crime and where he hid the body. Kathleen weaves those actual speech reversals into a fascinating, fictionalized story that’s a thought-provoking psychological thriller about a group of teenagers who solve a murder mystery using a “mind-reading machine,” the Reverse Speech technology.

Kathleen was one of the first students to earn a Reverse Speech Investigator certificate.







Purchase Here On

Reverse Speech In Theory & Practice: How To Use Your Unconscious Mind To Predict The Outcome Of Future Events - by Joshua Schmude

This book details the theories of David John Oates, an Australian researcher whom discovered and developed the fundamental theories associated with Reverse Speech, published in 1987 in his first book titled Beyond Backward Masking. Written by Joshua Schmude, a certified Reverse Speech Analyst, it takes the reader on a journey into the depths of their own Soul and, using qualitative research methodologies, teaches anyone how they may use there own speech reversals to predict the outcome of future events associated with Horse Racing or any other practical domain they wish. The hypothesis set forth in this work is sure to change the lives of anyone who reads it with an open mind. Make no mistake, the reader will learn something from this book they will never be taught in school, just sit back, turn the page, and enjoy the ride!

Reverse Speech In Theory & Practice: How To Use Your Unconscious Mind To Predict The Outcome Of Future Events







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