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Training in and Learning ReverseSpeech is exciting. It’s a whole new adventure into new territory. The students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. We are looking for pioneers at Reverse Speech Pty Ltd. – those people who are willing to study the tried and proven techniques that are taught in the training program, then take these techniques and skills out to the world and put them into practice.

The course is divided into three main parts. Parts One and Two are taught together in the Analyst Course over a total of 12 classes, and Part Three is taught separately in the Practitioner Course also over 12 classes.

Part One: ReverseSpeech Investigator

Part One of the course is entitled ReverseSpeech Investigator. Currently this class is taught on line, one 3 hour class every two weeks for a total of six classes.

In addition to class time there is also homework to be done. How long this takes is up to you. Some students get through homework with only 2-3 hours of work a week. However most students find they need to spend 10-15 hours a week on homework and other studies to become proficient at ReverseSpeech.

The investigator course covers the basic theories of ReverseSpeech and the first analysis skills the new student needs to know to find and interpret genuine speech reversals. Course topics are:

  • ReverseSpeech theory and speech complementarity
  • The history of ReverseSpeech
  • How to recognise a genuine speech reversal
  • The seven reversal check points
  • The grammar and structure of ReverseSpeech
  • ReverseSpeech in children
  • How to spot deception and find hidden information

Part Two: ReverseSpeech Analyst

Part Two of the course is entitled ReverseSpeech Analyst. It is also taught one 3 hour class every two weeks for a total of six classes. This course covers metaphors, detailed prompting techniques and comprehensive reversal analysis. It also covers the very first steps in changing metaphors and some basic marketing techniques to build your own business. Course topics are:

  • ReverseSpeech metaphors
  • ReverseSpeech and the Soul
  • The three levels of ReverseSpeech
  • Interpreting human behaviour and the workings of the unconscious mind
  • Body language and other unconscious means of expression
  • How to prompt for specific information in reverse
  • Rapport building
  • ReverseSpeech clusters
  • Building a ReverseSpeech practice
  • By the end of Part Two of the course, or 6 months in training in total (Parts 1 & 2), the newly certified Analyst is equipped to establish their own business in ReverseSpeech.

Part Three: ReverseSpeech Practitioner

Part Three of the course is entitled ReverseSpeech Practitioner. It is also taught one class every 2 weeks for 12 weeks. This course teaches hypnosis and the technique of Metaphor Restructuring. This technique creates a powerful behavioural change in the individual using information gained from ReverseSpeech analysis. Course Topics are:

  • The theory of Metaphor Restructuring and the pictorial nature of the unconscious mind
  • The basics of hypnosis
  • How to induce a relaxed state and gain access to the deepest parts of the unconscious
  • Creating a Metawalk

In addition to learning the techniques of ReverseSpeech, training is also a deeply personal experience of self discovery. Many students will come face to face with themselves as they see their own reversals in class and their private studies. This is an important phase of the learning process because in order to help others explore themselves, one must first of all have walked the same path. One past student of ReverseSpeech described training as taking the path of a Jedi Warrior!

Sometimes even the very act of listening to reversals can stir deep emotions in students. This is because we are actually listening to the voice of the spirit with ReverseSpeech. Students may also experience an increase in dream states or intuition, and sometimes have actually observed paranormal phenomenon as they have worked.

This is all a normal part of learning how to be proficient in this new field.

The students of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. ReverseSpeech is still a new and evolving technology with only a handful of trainers and practitioners world wide. Here at Reverse Speech Pty Ltd., we are looking for entrepreneurs – those who can faithfully learn the techniques and then take these techniques to the world, building their own businesses and training their own students. The opportunities for success are many. I invite you to join us.

To enquire about training opportunities email David Oates at

Reverse SpeechTM Training 2016 Special Deal for Australians – Live Online Professional Analyst Course


Summer 2016 Training Schedule

Training Starts Sunday, June the 19th, 2016 @ 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM London Time (GMT), 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM New York Time (EST) and 11:00 PM – 2:00 AM Sydney Australia Time (AEDT) 12 classes altogether are held every two (2) weeks for three (3) hours each class

This course is taught by David Oates so you have live interaction with the instructor via Skype. You will learn all you need to know to become a professional Reverse SpeechTM Analyst. No prerequisites, this course includes the Investigators Certificate and the Analyst Certificate upon completion.

Included in this Course:

  • 2 Reverse SpeechTM training manuals
  • The Reverse SpeechTM Metaphor Dictionary
  • How to use the Reverse Speech software
  • How to accurately document genuine speech reversals
  • How to determine what speech reversals mean
  • How to conduct conversations to get the greatest numbers of reversals
  • How the human mind creates behaviour and personality with metaphors
  • Regular progress reports
  • Full technical support
  • First year membership of the International Association of Reverse Speech Consultants, Ltd.
  • Certificates upon completion

You must be prepared to spend about 15 hours a week on study if you are to succeed in this course – course takes 6 months to complete with a 3 hour class every 2 weeks, 12 classes total.

NOTE: Reverse SpeechTM Professional Software is included in this training course.

Normally priced at $2550, this class is being offered for one time only with a $200 discount
Live Online Course Full Payment
………………………………………….. $2350.00 AUD


To sign up for this course email me at or call in the US 503-5687077, or in London call 0203 6081426, and Australia – 08 83824372


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